Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Teaching and education of Engineering and Technology has become so boring. Consider that these fields are the ones that bring so much pleasure in our lives : form a crisp brown Toast to a Saas Bahu TV serial to artificial Knees. How can something which is so Human centered be so boring to teach or understand?
Admittedly there are exceptions. But the rule is to belt out principles, peppered with formulae, integrals and partial derivatives and then give problems to solve on paper. There is very little application of concepts to practical problems.
How then did we get the LED TV in our lives or Artificial knees for our old age?
Someone made an effort to push boundaries and apply concepts to imagination
Can that someone be anyone?
Are we as humans not equipped with the same brain, the same capacity to see and feel.
Can the education system encourage such outcomes rather than stifle them
I believe it can. If we make our education centric on problem solving, applying of concepts to real life and at the same time encouraging imagination, we can achieve that
That is what we plan to do at Glocal with labs which are designed and structured to bring in arouse the students imagination, curiosity and finding real life issues to apply concepts on in a new way.

Tina Seelig is an educator at Stanford. Her experiments with teaching Innovation and Entrepreneurship are well know. Here she talks about Creativity. Have  a look :

Aditya Bhatnagar

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